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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the online inventory the same as your physical store inventory?

No. We have thousands of different suits in our physical store. Though we will not be able to input everything online, we will do our best to keep adding our inventory on a weekly basis.

What is your return policy?

Please check out our shipping & exchanges policy

Do you have kids' suits?

Yes! We will be adding them by next week into our website and update them weekly.

Do you have big size suits?

Yes, up to 72L. We will be adding them soon into our website and update them weekly. If you need something urgent, please email [email protected] 

Do you do any tailoring?

Currently, we do not. We are working or a location nearby our La Puente warehouse to do that. In due time, you will be informed if there is an update on this.

How often do you get new inventory?

As often as you buy! We get new inventory all the time. Updating them is something we will continuously work on.

How many suits do you have?

It's a personal question 😂 but if you have to know: We have several thousands suits in our location. However, we store some suits elsewhere as well. Some = over 15,000 suits.

Can I get a discount because I....?

Unfortunately, no.

Will you be traveling again?

Maybe in the future. For now, we are focusing on growing our physical and online stores.

Can I bring others to my reservation?

Yes, up to 4 people per reservation.

Are you all brothers?

Yes, and 99.9% of our clients are too!

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